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Brand Productions is comprised of several industry leading individuals brought together under one roof to produce experiential activations. We’re a new business made up of quite a few experienced veterans - not that we like that word!

our team

We have a constant team of six, and then boost our numbers as required. This means we can keep costs down and deliver solid value for money.

Rich Adams

Rich ran experiential businesses in the UK. He won awards for some of his campaigns and then he left and came to New Zealand. Here, he’s had roles in experiential agencies including Brand Spanking and Orange Productions, and then heading up the experiential division of NZME.

Feel free to stalk him here.

Dean Long

A background in multiple disciplines of design from flat art to 3D conceptualization and product design. With experience in all areas from signage and wayfinding design in the Resort casino and hospitality industry to exhibitions, retail store design and bespoke campaign driven FMCG projects.


Kate Melville

Kate has been in the events and experiential industry for over 10 years, both in the UK and in NZ.   She has delivered numerous large scale projects for clients across a variety of industries, and enjoyed solving a variety of interesting challenges along the way! 

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Stan Tuhipa

Stan gets the job done. He’s our production manager, commanding a team that have been together for over 10 years.

Stan’s the man that understands materials and tech like no-one else. Give us a call and see what we can do to make it happen.

our network


Brand Productions is part of Brandstand NZ Ltd, an established business, with amazing links to local suppliers and global sourcing through the Brandstand Global network of Display manufacturers. We’re able to source, adapt and create solutions using some of the most technically advanced display materials in the world. To discover more about Brandstand's display and exhibition solutions, simply click here.

Brand Productions partners with Displays 2 Go in Australia when providing Trans Tasman experiential and event solutions. We are one of only a few production companies able to offer seamless Trans Tasman production solutions. To discover more about Displays 2 Go, simply click here.

our facilities

Brand Productions operate out of a 2,500 square metre production and warehousing facility in Auckland. We maintain an extensive inventory of display equipment and then manage our bespoke production requirements through a team of production engineers.

We print all our own graphics and fabrics in-house. We manage all our projects under the same roof. And we store all your campaign materials on shelving within that same space. Your complete experiential production supplier, all under one roof.


our policies

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